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Lumbar support
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Ergonomic pillows
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Memory foam

Pillow manufacturing

Memory foams allow the production of pillows of different hardness and shape. Our own product development continuously allows self-developed memory pillows and mattresses to be available directly in the PEMÜ webshop. As a result of the development activity, in addition to various forms of memory aids to help sleep, pillows to help solve special health problems have also been developed, such as the footrest or lumbar support. It is also possible to satisfy individual customer needs when purchasing mattresses developed by PEMÜ. The web store has 4-6-8 cm thick mattress toppers, which can supplement the existing mattresses to ensure a comfortable rest and help to avoid bedsores in case of a permanent bed. It is also possible to order custom-sized mattresses with a memory layer built on different base foams. The size range of the base foams are 10-12 cm thick, while the superficial memory foam layer is 4-6-8 cm thick. In terms of dimensions, it is possible to customize both the width and length as well as the thickness of the mattress.

Who we are

Since the establishment of PEMÜ Műanyagipari Zrt., it has applied and developed almost all of the plastic processing technologies at a high level, and still produces a wide range of plastic products. Our company has decades of experience in the manufacturing of suppliers’ and own products.

About PEMÜ