Price: 6.000 Ft7.000 Ft

Neck pillow

Material composition: 97% pes, 3% viscous

Material composition: 70% pes, 30% tencel

Material composition: 70% pes, 30% viscous

Material composition: 97% pes, 3% tencel

Neck pillow - For perfect support of the cervical spine

The ergonomic memory foam neck pillow is an ideal support for the head and neck, as it fits exactly to the natural shape of the neck, providing a high degree of comfort and stability, thereby preventing the unnatural posture of the spine. Its use improves the quality of sleep, because it reduces neck and back pain, and relieves shoulder problems.

The density of memory foam is significantly higher than that of conventional sponges, so the pillow -- made of a remembering memory foam -- regains its original shape after each usage. The pillow is made of a pressure-equalizing memory foam, it follows perfectly the line of the head and the neck thus allowing you to rest in a natural and optimal position. At the same time, the memory foam reduces the pressure on muscles and joints, facilitates the free circulation of blood thus helping to maintain the healthy and youthful posture.

The soft fabric cover is well ventilated and detracts moisture. The cover can easily be removed by just one movement and can be washed in a washing machine at 60°C. The pillow can always remain beautiful and fresh that way.